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Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Take off in the popcorn ceiling home wall texture removal ceiling drywall demolition

Many older homes have popcorn ceilings fitted within them. And while these were once an immensely popular ceiling style to feature in the home, they no longer carry the same clout. In many cases, they can even make a space look unsightly and can even depreciate the value of your property. So, we understand that many of our clients want to see theirs removed. That is why we are glad to say that we can offer you the support that you need in doing so. At Aurora Painting Solutions, we are always glad to help our clients with popcorn ceiling removal and we can even offer general wall texture removal, as well. Just let us know what it is that we can do to give your home the best and we would be glad to do it, every time.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal 

When we are undertaking a popcorn ceiling removal job, we always make use of our tried and tested wet removal method. By dampening the popcorn texture, we can weaken the hold to the wall beneath and enable a much easier removal. All it takes is a little bit of elbow grease and a few different scraping tools, and we can completely shed the popcorn material. So, we know that we can always assure you of the results that you want to see, no matter how old your ceiling texture is.

Wall Texture Removal 

In addition to our popcorn ceiling removal, we can help you out with the removal of any other kind of wall texture. Many of our clients have drywall mud and plaster sculpted to achieve various looks. However, once these begin to lose their appeal and no longer commit the same impact, they can begin to appear unsightly. And if you are looking at your walls and thinking just the same, then you will no doubt want to take advantage of the wall texture removal services that we have on offer.

Paint Restoration 

Of course, once you have had an old texture removed from your walls or ceiling, it is going to leave behind a rougher, duller surface. It won’t have the same sleek finish and will bear the looks of the raw material. But if you are to create the aesthetic that you want to see, you will have to have this painted over. Luckily for you, that is our specialty. So, feel free to ask us about paint restoration solutions, as we would be happy to find the perfect new coat of paint for you.

Great Prices 

No matter whether you are in need of our popcorn ceiling removal or texture removal services, we can promise to deliver them to you for the fairest rate. You simply are not going to find another team that is capable of providing such great quality for such an affordable price. So, if you care about getting the best quality services for the lowest price, you know we are always going to be the team to call.

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